Pej? Who’s Pej? What’s a Pej?
Some say Pej is just Neno’s alter ego…

At the moment he’s kind of Toronto’s most famous degen (degenerate) that no one actually really knows…
A few months ago he was a homeless millionaire… No joke, real story… ⛺️
He still a border line crack head. Okay not crack head but the man has glow stick techno parties in the ritz, on rainy days in a forest… Don’t ask…

So What's Now?
Well at the moment he’s actually REKT!! 💀

(Completely obliterated, triple penetrated, destroyed, zero capital, so poor a bum wont look your way) this is REKT
But somehow he will wake up the next day to another million ready to MAX LONG any crypto currency Elon Musk shills on twitter in the hopes that he 1000x his returns & becomes the next Dan Bilzerian overnight. 👯‍♀️🕺🏼👯‍♀️

That’s Pej, or at least a bit of Pej

So moral of the story don’t be a Pej. But if you are a Pej, you’re definitely in need of some mental rehab & financial stability. So this is why we created PEJCOIN the ultimate degen’s coin!

BUY PEJCOIN Pej Coin Smart Contract:
*set slippage tolerance to 30%*

It pays 4 ways to be Pej and you basically will do what a wise man once told Pej to do, and that was NOTHING do absolutely NOTHING! Don’t Trade! Don’t Stare at Charts! Just don’t think crypto. That’s what got you REKT! remember…?

Just purchase some Pej, get high, maybe call a hoe over and then do NOTHING Just holding Pej will pay you in 4 different ways.

-Auto 5% Reflections (Fun Coupons)
-Staking 1 Pej Coin = 1 SafeRekt a day STAKE PEJCOIN
-Club Pej Royalties: 1 Pej Coin = 0.001% club profits (coming soon)
-Liquidity Pool Staking (retirement coupons)

If you can’t afford a hoe…

Go to and just repeat the above steps for 365 days & you will make it out a Chad my friend, you will make it out a Chad. (A Chad, in internet slang, is generally a sexually active "alpha male". The term has become a slang term across the internet and among adolescents in general to refer to particularly attractive or confident males).

Pej Coin is simple you buy some coin & poof Pej spends it all on hoes!

LOL! Actually when you buy some Pej Coin poof 20% vanishes!! We call this SAFE REKT tokenomics. Where we wreck you first for your own safety…. A.K.A Booster Shots 💉🤡

We take 10% & inject it into the coins liquidity pool. Now Pej Coin minimum price permanently rises from where we started. See the “SAFE” In it? We protect the price from ever going “REKT”.

Another 5% goes back to current token holders so your balance will automatically go up in your wallet, after every transaction on the network.

Think of this as forever royalties paid out from one degen to another. Pej calls it fun coupons. Covers the hoes & drugs. It’s a modest lifestyle. 💸👯‍♀️

The last 5% goes to the REKT VAULTS! This 5% is spent on drugs, marketing, hoes, buy backs, glow-sticks & maybe even permanent coin burns. To reduce the supply while demand increases. Basically listen whatever the fuck pumps this shit we’re spending that 5% on. So long story short we designed this coin so that mathematically it always goes up. Ill assume there’s no issues here…?

This way you all get rich & Pej can afford his ramen noodles tomorrow. Ultimately just make sure your in before Pej wakes up one day with a boner & some molly and decides to max FOMO (Fear of missing out) his life’s savings into this coin.

His lifestyle is expensive.

1 month at the ritz? 30 Max Long Liquidations on Binance & 60 hoes a month? My friends listen the only way he’s making this happen is if Pej Coin goes to $10 or we starting a go fund me for him. This is No joke.

100% fair launch! Actually lies it’s 98% but wtf close enough.

1% is for Pej duh he’s rekt remember?
1% is for Neno. This covers his cow hide carpet that Pej burned :’)
98% is for the virgins who might never make it to Vegas, cuz vax pass.
We got Jets my young degens, we got jets.
Let’s pump this bitch to ibiza, pop a molly and hopefully not catch a std 💊👹

BUY PEJCOIN Pej Coin Smart Contract:
*set slippage tolerance to 30%*

SAFEREKT Smart Contract: 0x6fdb089e8be51cb8408bd8ec1fccf91541b6dfa9
(*set slippage tolerance to 25%*)